The firm Zarpa-SK s r.o.

was established in 2005 as a accessory of the tradition of producing the upholstered furniture in the Upper Nitra region with the head in Pravenec. The basic and bear program is the production of seat collections. We produce high quality products in the cooperation with the Swedish firm VIJA for the domestic and foreign market. We have weathered also in the hard Scandinavian competition in the mantle sewing. That is also why the export creates the inseparable component of our activity.

There are working over 30 employees. The seat collections are delivered to about 50 customers in Slovakia and the Czech republic, and we also sell in our own commercial net. The material used for the production of our seat collections origins in the Sweden. It fulfills rigid aesthetic, practical, sanitary and ecological criteria’s. Skill and industry of Slovak hands is the mirror of our products. We weather in every field of cooperation with our Swedish partners. The prosperity of the firm is the satisfaction all of us. And that is why the thanks belong to everyone for the attention and the trust.

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